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It’s almost go time!

It’s almost go time!

Leaving this strange Winter behind, we’re on schedule for the annual ice out on our Haliburton area lakes. The first fish we’ll be chasing are the trout species and black crappie that have shown themselves to be a worthwhile target at this time of year. Down south in the Kawartha lakes, we will be taking full advantage of the year round pike season in FMZ 17 as well with many area lakes offering a great days workout chasing them down in their spawning areas and throughout the lakes.  Get in touch with me to talk fishing and let’s get after some quality fish that are ready to start feeding again!

April – May

After every Springtime thaw as the ice pulls off our lakes we experience some of the best fishing of the year in the highlands.   There are plenty of fishing target opportunities that happen right away including rainbow trout, lake trout, a relatively new favourite – black crappie. This is just the beginning to our season with the much awaited walleye and pike opener just around the corner in Mid May.

May – June

This is one of the most exciting times of year in the Haliburton Highlands because these months have a star studded line up of openers of walleye and northern pike.  Targeting these toothy predators both in Haliburton, Muskoka Lakes and Land O’ Lakes Pat’s obsession with these target species is second to none.  There is nothing more thrilling than landing one of these trophy species and having a quality photo and memory to show for it.   This is excitement serves as the perfect lead up to Pat’s familiar territory of muskie fishing. Muskie opener is one of the most exciting openers of the season due to the large numbers of this fairly elusive species that can amount to many chances at fish that measure up to most fishing tales!

July – August

With Summer settled in we welcome the long awaited opener of both largemouth and smallmouth bass which oddly enough are a lesser targeted species in the Haliburton Highlands. With multiple productive bass lakes, this guarantees for lots of action and a chance at a new personal best for you and a friend.

September – October

As the colours change it’s no secret that while surrounded by the splendour of Autumn, its is the optimal time to catch the fish of a lifetime. Pat knows exactly when, where and why these Northern fish feed like they do as days grow shorter and temperatures begin to drop. Bass, walleye, pike and muskie are all at their largest most vulnerable stage at this time of year and Pat prides himself on helping the biggest of fish make poor decisions.  Let Good Guiding Service close off your open water season with a fish or two worth talking about.

Jan – March

Into the New Year when you are surrounded by the true beauty of a snow covered highlands is when the ice fishing peaks. The chance to Target a true historic gem of the highlands and we still get a chance to play along with some of our toothy critter friends. both walleye and lake trout are attainable to trophy sizes through the ice. With many stocked lakes a rainbow trout or brook trout or splake trip is always a fun way to spend a fun day on a beautiful back lake in the highlands chasing some of the most beautiful fish that inhabit our waters.